Custom made, bespoke items for spas and hotels

Ceramic burners (flame) up to 8 hours capacity for burning fragrance or essential oil
(10cm wide x 12cm height)
Handcrafted mini table gong with mallet (30cm x 30cm stand with 14cm gong)
Angklung made in Malaysia, traditional bamboo instrument
Wood and woven bamboo amenities and serving trays in various sizes
Rattan basket, ideal for towels, toiletries etc.
Rattan umbrella holder, made-to-order (25cm width x 60cm height)
Retail massage oils, 30ml

Borneo Beaded Accessories

pinakol traditional

Intricately beaded “pinakol” necklace, handwoven. Bright and bold, 12-strand necklace featuring geometric motifs and the signature “vinusak”- bud of the flower- the recognisable motif by the native Rungus of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

A unique statement piece.

Gift bags

Our signature gift bags are made from natural fibre, abaca, a type of banana leaf in the Philippines. They are handmade and are available for purchase in different sizes.

Our popular medium sinamay gift bag here, retails at RM3.95 per piece or £0.73, for a minimum of 10 pieces and we delivered worldwide. Drop us an email to find out on more sizes.

Natural fibre bag

Natural fibre gift bag, medium

Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil in 200ml and 60ml

Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil in 200ml and 60ml with abaca gift bag


We also provide clients with creative ideas for their customers for retail products.

Tea is widely served at spa and therapeutic centres and are an ideal way to end a relaxing session.

One of our popular teas is Lemongrass, which is reputed to be an excellent aid in digestion as well as assisting to detoxify.

We also carry unique blends such as Lemongrass-Pandan, Ginger-Orange, and Hibiscus-Cinnamon grown in tropical Malaysia. Other floral teas available include Lavender, Rose, Camellia as well as Roselle, also known as Hibiscus.

We also provide customisation services, just drop us an email.

BA- Tea in glass jar

Tea or tea blend in glass jar. Customised services also available.

BA- Tea- Organza bag

Tea or tea blend in organza bag. Customised services also available.

Tea in foil pack and cotton pouch

Tea in foil pack and cotton pouch. Customised services also available.

New lines added- Aroma burner/diffuser collection 2014

Our new collection includes a new line of flame burners, including two in quirky animal designs.

These smaller burners are ideal for smaller spaces within an individual therapy room, or even as a home decor and gift.

Our popular electric burners include new colours and designs.

Reserve yours today. Email us for details

Flame Aroma Burner/ Diffusers: New designs

Flame Aroma Burner/ Diffusers: New designs

Electric burners- New designs and colours

Electric burners- New designs and colours

Electric Burner Collection 2013

Carefully handcrafted, these beautiful ceramic burners are works of art.

Illuminate and fill your surroundings with your preferred selection of fragrance/ essential oils.

Each base  is fitted with a light bulb and dimmer, reducing any fire hazards or forgotten lit candles.

Email us for offers when you purchase 5 units and above.
BA Electric Oil Burner Collection 2013